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Sea Colony: The Ultimate Racquet Sports Destination!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Sea Colony has transcended its reputation as a tennis haven and emerged as the ultimate destination for racquet sports enthusiasts! With the rapidly expanding pickleball community, our community has become the go-to choice for those seeking an all-encompassing racquet sports experience. Recognizing the demand for a premier facility that caters to all racquet sports, Sea Colony not only met expectations but set an entirely new standard that is renowned worldwide.

The prestigious Tennis Resorts Online has just unveiled its highly anticipated 2023 Top Tennis & Pickleball Resorts and Camps list, and Sea Colony has made an impressive showing across all categories. The source of these rankings? You, our esteemed Homeowners, Renters, and Members! Your feedback and experiences have shaped our community and played an integral role in earning this distinguished recognition.

"From the beginning, we've relied on the reviews of the players who've taken part. As participants, they have first-hand knowledge of the quality of what takes place on court and off," says Roger Cox, Editor, Tennis Resorts Online. "The form we ask them to fill out covers a broad spectrum of features. The racquet-sports sections ask vacationers (or residents) to rate the overall tennis or pickleball experience, the professionalism of the teaching staff, the depth of the programming, the ease of finding a game, the quality of the pro shop goods and services, and the appeal of simply hanging around the courts. These characteristics form the backbone of a rewarding racquet-sports holiday."

Sea Colony's 2023 WORLD rankings:

#1 Best Pickleball Staff

#3 Gold Medal Pickleball Resort

#4 Gold Medal Tennis Camp

#5 Best Resort Junior Programming

#8 Gold Medal Tennis Resort

Sea Colony is fully committed to upholding the gold standard in the Racquet Sports network, constantly striving to elevate our rankings year after year. Our dedicated staff takes immense pride in delivering unparalleled instruction and atmosphere for our tennis and pickleball participants. Passionate about what they do, they infuse every lesson and interaction with an unwavering love for the sport. We take immense pride in the fusion of tennis and pickleball into a unified racquet sports community, and we eagerly anticipate even greater growth, success, and milestones in the future!

Sea Colony has transformed into the epitome of racquet sports excellence, encompassing both tennis and pickleball with unparalleled distinction. Our world-class facility, exceptional staff, and dynamic programming have cemented our position as the premier destination for racquet sports enthusiasts worldwide. As we continue to push boundaries and exceed expectations, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible community of Homeowners, Renters, and Members for their invaluable support. Together, we'll shape the future of racquet sports and achieve remarkable milestones to be celebrated for years ahead!


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