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WiFi is Available in Sea Colony

WiFi is available to Sea Colony owners, guests and renters throughout the resort.  In addition to WiFi in each unit, there is also WiFi at the beach, pools, Promenade, tennis and fitness centers. Also, as a Comcast user, you have access to WiFi hotspots in Sea Colony as well as all of the areas in the U.S. served by Comcast.   

In the Sea Colony community, you will see different WiFi connections available:

• In-unit WiFi: Requires the user to have the WiFi password, available only in your unit

Community Xfinity: Use your owner Xfinity account login, or a guest account (30 days), available at common areas (beach, pools, Promenade, tennis and fitness centers)

Xfinitywifi: Use your owner Xfinity account login, or a one hour guest account, at WiFi hotspots throughout our community, as well as all the areas in the U.S. served by Comcast;

Xfinity: A more secure version of Xfinitywifi, only for owners with a Comcast Xfinity account, and where available. 

To connect, please do the following:

Instructions for Owners

It is best to use your Xfinity user ID and password.  If you have not set up an Xfinity user ID and password, you can go to to set up an account. 

To connect your PC
The instructions can can be found at 

For your mobile devices 
(smart phones and tablets)
Use the Xfinity Connect App on your device.  
The app can be found at   
Once you connect using your Xfinity user ID and password on your PC or by using the Xfinity Connect App,

you will automatically be connected throughout the common areas Beach, Pools, Promenade, Tennis and Fitness centers) to 
Community Xfinity, or Xfinitywifi, whichever is available.

Instructions for Guests and Renters


While your guests or renters are in the unit: 

If you left instructions for connecting to your unit’s WiFi, then your guests or renters should follow those instructions. 

If you have not left instructions in your unit, they can do the following:

  • Turn on the main TV that has a voice remote;

  • Wait until you see a channel program;

  • Click the microphone button and say “What is my WiFi;”

  • On the screen will be displayed the WiFi name and WiFi password.  

  • If you are given an “Error” or “No WiFi found,” your guests or renters will need to contact you for the instructions.


While your guests or renters are at common areas 

(Beach, Pools, Promenade, Tennis and Fitness Centers):

On the device, search for a WiFi provider; Select “Community Xfinity;”

If they do not have a home Xfinity account, they will need to select On-Demand Pass;

Follow the instructions for connecting.

If you or your guests and/or renters have further questions, they can go to

Bulk Equipment Included:

Please leave this equipment in your unit at all times, even if you have sold your unit

  • 1 DVR (Usually in Living Room)

  • 2 DTAs (digital television adapters)

  • 1 Comcast Modem with built-in Wi-Fi

  • 3 Comcast Remotes

Contact Information from Comcast


If you are connected to Xfinity and you have a question regarding your services please call the dedicated Bulk Service Center at 855-638-2855. Please have your account number ready for the Comcast team to better assist you with questions such as:

   • Service not working

   • Did not receive correct amount of equipment

   • Need help setting up online account

   • Need help changing or adding services, or other questions.

If you need to obtain your account number, please call 855-638-2855 with:

  • Your name

  • Sea Colony mailing address

  • A valid email address. 

You will receive an email with your Xfinity account number.


Not Connected

If you are NOT connected to Xfinity, please call 855-638-2855 to order services and have:

  • Your name

  • Sea Colony mailing address

  • A valid email address. 

You will receive an email by the next business day as to the next steps.


Sea Colony Process Regarding Xfinity Service for Owners Selling/Buying a unit

Bulk Services Number 855-638-2855



  1. When you determine a move-out date, or the date you will disconnect your Xfinity service, you will need to call Comcast Bulk Services at 855-638-2855 and provide the disconnect date.

  2. Ensure that all equipment is returned to the Ocean City store located at 8301 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.



  1. Prior to receiving your new equipment, you will need to set up a Comcast account by calling the Comcast Bulk Services at 855-638-2855.

  2. You have the option to collect your new equipment from the Ocean City store located at 8301 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842, and handle the setup yourself. Alternatively, you can schedule a technician for the setup, though fees may apply for this service.

Helpful Hints for Owners

  • If this is the first time you are in your unit since your installation was performed, you may need to reboot your Comcast equipment.  If you need to reboot please do so in the following order:

    • Reboot the cable modem first, wait 5 minutes​

    • Reboot the DVR, which should be connected to your main TV, wait 5 minutes

    • Reboot the smaller cable boxes attached to the other TVs

  • If there are any technical issues (i.e. remote, WiFi or TV not working), it's best if you contact Comcast Bulk Services at 855-638-2855They will ask for your account number. 

  • To create your account, you will need to have an email address or cell phone number associated with your account.  If you did not set up your account with an email address or cell phone, please call Comcast Bulk Services at 855-638-2855 to add your email address and/or cell phone to your Comcast account.  


  • Do not turn off the power to the Comcast boxes for an extended period of time (i.e., a week).  If the equipment is without power for an extended period of time, you will need to call Comcast to get them activated. 

  • If you rent your unit its necessary for you to enable a Purchase PIN and Application Pin on your Comcast devices in your unit to prevent renters from making charges on your Comcast Account.

    • To setup a "purchase pin" you will need to follow the instructions here

    • To setup an "application pin" you will need to follow the instructions here

  • Comcast is not able to set either remotely as the steps have to be performed on each DVR that is in your unit.


Once you have setup your pin to enable "Whats my WiFi" to work perform the following: 

  • Select the Application Locks at the bottom of the screen This will list all of the applications that are locked as a result of setting the Parental PIN

  • Scroll down to Xfinity xfi and highlight it

  • Click the OK button on your remote this will unlock the lock that the parental PIN created for your WIFI info

  • Click exit on your remote to leave the screen

  • What is Sea Colony?
    Sea Colony is made up of 30 condominium associations called phases. The Sea Colony Recreational Association is organized to maintain, operate and administer Sea Colony's common areas and community facilities. Each Council employs a managing agent. ResortQuest Property Management is responsible for East Phases 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7, as well as all of the West Phases in the Tennis Community.
  • What’s the difference between the Recreation Association and the Phase councils?
    There is a Sea Colony Recreational Association, Inc., (SCRA) which is organized to maintain, operate and administer Sea Colony’s common areas and community facilities. The Recreational Association manages the recreation facilities like the beach, fitness centers, tennis centers, pools etc. Additionally, there are 30 condominium associations in Sea Colony, called Phases.
  • I cannot login to the Owners Web Site or change my password?
    If you are having issues logging in try clicking on the link to open the owner’s page in a new window, which is below the main menu. There are compatibility issues with some browsers that may cause issues with your login. Or see the video below
  • How do I update my contact information?
    Click on and provide your updated information and Sea Colony address and send. The information will be sent to the appropriate departments and your records will be updated.
  • What is the Guest Badge Policy?
    All persons four years of age and older are required to display a current owner or guest ID badge to access Sea Colony East (Oceanside) and to use any Sea Colony Recreational Association facilities, amenities and transportation system. All renters at Sea Colony are responsible for paying an Amenities Fee, which includes a recreational badge as well as up to two parking permits per unit (renters must purchase three or more badges to receive a second parking permit). The Amenities Fee is weekly and is not pro-rated.
  • Where can I find the Tennis Channel?
    Tennis Channel is on channel 862.
  • How do I reserve a tennis court?
    Owners only may make court reservations by going to the Tennis Center and asking for the Court Reservation Phone Number or using the new court reservation system available on the Sea Colony mobile app, which can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android device at All other court reservations must be made in person with a photo ID or recreation badge. For more information, call the Tennis Center at 302-539-4488.
  • Where can I store my Kayak?
    Kayak storage rack rentals are available to owners and may be purchased at the Sea Colony Beach Shoppe. Rack spaces are leased annually for $100 each to Sea Colony owners only and are located off of Kent Avenue on the left side of the road, across from Freeport Court. Oversized and tandem kayaks storage racks also are available. Parking is not available at the launch except to transport kayaks to the rack area. Vehicles then will need to be removed. For convenience, bike racks are available on site.
  • How can I release a key for a Contractor?
    To obtain a key for a contractor’s use in a Sea Colony unit, the owner may call 302-537-8888, Option 0 from 9 am. to 5 p.m. or email Keys may be picked up from 8 to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday in the off-season and Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday) in-season – April 1 – September 29 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at the ResortQuest office at Short Road in Bethany Beach. It is the contractor’s responsibility to return the key.
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