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Our Training Philosophy

When you understand how the body works, nourish it with the right food and exercise,

you will see better results and you will live a healthy life. 


Your needs, interests and goals are the most important part of your training program. Consider where you want to focus and we’ll show you how to get there.


Daily, weekly and monthly, your goals keep you accountable and give you milestones to work toward. We’ll use them to both define your training approach and track your progress.

Train With Us

We have certified Personal Trainers on hand to give your workout that extra boost and keep you on track
towards building a better you.  Hour and half-hour sessions are available. 
Call (302) 539-4511 for more information or to set up a free consultation.


Mike Pitts, AFPA-Certified Personal Trainer/Operations Manager

Mike Pitts has a degree in Biology and has been a certified personal trainer with AFPA since 2010. Mike specializes in the following training areas: sports specific, weight loss, strength and conditioning as well as functional training. To schedule an appointment, call the Freeman Fitness Center at 302.539.4511.

Sean Lewis, AFPA-Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Supervisor

Sean is a triathlete in soccer, baseball and basketball, having competed in school and on travel teams.  Currently a Fitness Supervisor, Sean has worked at the Freeman Fitness Center since 2006 and has been an AFPA-Certified Personal Trainer since 2012.  To schedule an appointment, call the Freeman Fitness Center at 302.539.4511.

Meghan Jarvie, B.S Exercise Science with a focus in Human Performance

Meghan grew up as a gymnast, but unfortunately like with a lot of athletes, a serious injury ended her career. But for Meghan, that injury wasn't necessarily an ending but a catalyst for a whole new beginning. Since gymnastics was no longer an option for her, she needed to train her body and exercise in a different way, and that's what lead her to discovering her new passion for the gym - in particular, with personal training. She decided to pursue that path when attending the University of Alabama, and received her degree in Exercise Science with a specialty in Human Performance. Meghan has experience and success in training athletes for strength & conditioning purposes, as well as young adults to seniors for general fitness. She is now accepting new clients and is excited to get to work here at the Freeman Fitness Center. If you're interested in booking an appointment with Meghan, please call the Fitness Center at 302.539.4511.