Sea Colony is less than one mile from beautiful downtown Bethany Beach, Delaware. 

Sea Colony Beach Shoppe at Marketplace,
33548 Unit 4 Marketplace,

Bethany Beach, DE 19930.

GPS coordinates are

Latitude: 38.52866667; Longitude: -75.0572

33363 Edgewater House, Sea Colony House

Bethany Beach, DE 19930.

GPS coordinates are

Latitude: 38.7198458; Longitude: -75.07713569999999

Owner FAQ

What is Sea Colony?

Sea Colony is made up of 30 condominium associations called phases. The Sea Colony Recreational Association is organized to maintain, operate and administer Sea Colony's common areas and community facilities. Each Council employs a managing agent. ResortQuest Property Management is responsible for East Phases 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7, as well as all of the West Phases in the Tennis Community.

What’s the difference between the Recreation Association and the Phase councils?

There is a Sea Colony Recreational Association, Inc., (SCRA) which is organized to maintain, operate and administer Sea Colony’s common areas and community facilities. The Recreational Association manages the recreation facilities like the beach, fitness centers, tennis centers, pools etc. Additionally, there are 30 condominium associations in Sea Colony, called Phases.

I cannot login to the Owners Web Site or change my password?

If you are having issues logging in try clicking on the link to open the owner’s page in a new window, which is below the main menu. There are compatibility issues with some browsers that may cause issues with your login.

Or see the video below

What is the Guest Badge Policy?

All persons four years of age and older are required to display a current owner or guest ID badge to access Sea Colony East (Oceanside) and to use any Sea Colony Recreational Association facilities, amenities and transportation system. All renters at Sea Colony are responsible for paying an Amenities Fee, which includes a recreational badge as well as up to two parking permits per unit (renters must purchase three or more badges to receive a second parking permit). The Amenities Fee is weekly and is not pro-rated.

Where can I find the Tennis Channel?

Tennis Channel is on channel 862.

Where can I store my Kayak?

Kayak storage rack rentals are available to owners and may be purchased at the Sea Colony Beach Shoppe. Rack spaces are leased annually for $100 each to Sea Colony owners only and are located off of Kent Avenue on the left side of the road, across from Freeport Court. Oversized and tandem kayaks storage racks also are available. Parking is not available at the launch except to transport kayaks to the rack area.
Vehicles then will need to be removed. For convenience, bike racks are available on site.

How can I release a key for a Contractor?

To obtain a key for a contractor’s use in a Sea Colony unit, the owner may call 302-537-8888, Option 0 from 9 am. to 5 p.m. or email Keys may be picked up from 8 to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday in the off-season and Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday) in-season – April 1 – September 29 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at the ResortQuest office at Short Road in Bethany Beach. It is the contractor’s responsibility to return the key.

How do I reserve a tennis court?

Owners only may make court reservations by going to the Tennis Center and asking for the Court Reservation Phone Number or using the new court reservation system available on the Sea Colony mobile app, which can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android device at All other court reservations must be made in person with a photo ID or recreation badge.
For more information, call the Tennis Center at 302-539-4488.

How do I update my contact information?

Click on and provide your updated information and Sea Colony address and send. The information will be sent to the appropriate departments and your records will be updated.

Comcast FAQ

How do I access my cable/internet service?

Turn on the TV with the X1 HD DVR set top box with voice remote and say: “What’s my WiFi?” You should receive a response with your WiFi password. Its best if you are in your unit when changing your WiFi password.

Who do I contact if I can't access my cable/internet service?

Call the Comcast Customer Support Center at 855-638-2855. You will be asked for your zip code, say 19930, you will hear there are multiple accounts, say “Agent” then you will be asked what you are calling about, say “New Customer.”
You will then be able to talk to an agent. This Center is open 24/7 every day.

I cannot login to the Owners Web Site or change my password?

If you are having issues logging in try clicking on the link to open the owner’s page in a new window, which is below the main menu. There are compatibility issues with some browsers that may cause issues with your login.

Or see the video below

How do I transfer my Comcast account to a new owner?

Follow the instructions at for transfering your Comcast account to the new owners.

I can't find my Xfinity account number.

If you need to obtain your account number, please call the Comcast Customer Support Center at 855-638-2855 with:
• Your name,
• Sea Colony 911 address
• A valid email address
You will receive an email with your Xfinity account number.

Do I need to purchase my own WiFi?

No. The internet service comes with integrated WiFi. There are also outlets where you can directly connect your computer (if you wish).

Is Blast Internet Service included?

Yes. Basically with the internet service, you get integrated WiFi (which means you will not have to purchase your own WiFi) and outlets where you can directly connect your computer (if you wish).

What equipment is included in the bulk agreement with Comcast?

You will receive a DVR and two (2) additional HD DTA’s that connect to TV’s, totaling three (3) connections. Any additional TV’s will require a DTA and will be added to your bill. The initial cost is $5.99 per additional DTA per month..

Who do I contact if I want to speak to someone on property?

It is best to contact Comcast (855-638-2855) because staff at Sea Colony does not have access to Comcast systems, nor do they have the ability to troubleshoot issues with
Comcast equipment.

Is the network speed guaranteed?

Networks speeds are dependent on the type of computer you are currently using. Older model computers do not necessarily support the newer WiFi and network equipment. While most will work, they will not benefit from current improvements in technology.

Can I add HBO for the summer and cancel in the fall without penalty?

Yes. This is referred to as “Snow Birding”. You may contact Comcast at 855-638-2855 and notify them of the services you would like added and then request these services be turned off in the fall.

Will the new service work with my older television?

As long as your television has a cable input or you have a cable input adapter, you will be able to take advantage of the new service. For televisions with only antennas, there are cable-to-antenna converters available at retailers such as Amazon; however, these are not guaranteed to work properly.

My TV’s are digital. Do I still need an adapter?

Yes. Comcast encrypts the signal at the source, so adapters are necessary for all TV’s.

Can I connect my DVD player to the X1?

No. Your DVD player or any additional device will need to be connected directly to the TV.

Will anything change with our phase fees due to this upgrade in service?

The agreement called for a $12-a month increase for each unit above the current contract. These costs are part of each Phase's budget and the impact on homeowners will be determined by Phase Councils during their budget deliberations.

What if I have additional questions?

Please send an email to and staff will work to get the answer to you as soon as possible.

I understand that some units have older wiring and may experience some issues with video delivery and internet services?

Some units have older (RG59) wiring which was not designed to have high definition video or very high speed internet service transmissions sent over it; however, in some short distance runs, the older wiring may work. Comcast will be installing modern wiring to the demarcation of each unit. The unit owner is responsible for the interior unit wiring. Comcast will work with each homeowner to determine the wiring capability, and any wiring deficiencies that will require upgrades. Property Management will provide a list of approved contractors capable of upgrading the wiring at the homeowners’ expense, as necessary.

What is the cost of upgrading the older wiring to modern wiring?

The cost will vary depending on the difficultly of access, the number of runs necessary, and complexity of the installation.

What access will renters and guests have?

Owners can create a separate login-id for renters and guests to use while in the unit. Information to accomplish this is on the back of the router in your unit. If you need additional assistance, call the customer support center at 855-638-2855.

If we select additional services (premium channels, additional outlets, phone service, home security etc.) from Comcast, how will that billing be handled?

Comcast will be setting up individual accounts for all homeowners including address of service, billing address, additional equipment, etc. This will make it very easy for optional services to be turned on or off as desired. Homeowners will be asked to setup their accounts online or via mail before service will start.

How will my Comcast account be setup?

Comcast will be creating individual accounts for every unit at Sea Colony. Comcast will send a letter with instructions to the titled owner. Property Management will also send the titled owners emails outlining the process of creating your Comcast account. Please ensure you create your Comcast account as soon as you receive the notification.