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Hurricane Ian Beach Update

Our beach at Sea Colony endured another large storm as remnants of Hurricane Ian passed through the region October 1-5, 2022 .

Although some depth was lost, we are fortunate that our beach was less impacted compared to other local beaches. All of our beach access points are open and accessible! Please use caution when walking along the beach as some debris may be hidden in the sand. Our team is in the process of cleaning the beach and we are optimistic that the beach will quickly restore itself.

We finally have a sunny forecast after several days of strong winds, surf, and rain!

Now is a great time to go beach-combing! There are many treasures out there, including a variety of shells, polished pebbles, and beach glass. The strong surf also churned up many mantis shrimp. Please be careful as these shrimp have powerful pincer claws that can inflict injury to humans and pets, so it's best to leave them alone.


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