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How to become a local explorer in 3 easy steps

You’ve made the pilgrimage to Sea Colony and the color in your fingers has finally returned after the NASCAR-like drive along Rt. 1 . You compliment yourself for keeping your cool and maintaining your “haven’t committed road rage today” card in good standing. You stow away your belongings and get settled in for some long overdue “vacation” time and then it hits you…..

What to do?

Well, you could run directly down to the beach as is customary for the newbies, or blow off any remaining steam and hit the exercise equipment at the Freeman Fitness Center (shameless plug). The 2017 Playbook (and the plugs just keep coming) offers over 70 pages of brilliant, full color events and surrounding hot spots. But being the tech savvy individual that you are, you realize that the opening scene of your stay requires the finesse and skilled planning that only you are qualified to handle so you navigate the pages of the Sea Colony website (last one, I promise) and find yourself here with the rest of the cool kids…. “Vitamin Sea”, the official Sea Colony blog.

Maybe it was your excellent ability to sniff out a great source for all things Sea Colony that brought you here. Maybe it was the snazzy blog title that simply caught your attention. Regardless, you want to find something different to do while you’re here and- by golly- we’re here to help!

The Bethany Beach Nature Center “Waitaminute…a Nature Center?” you ask. “I see nature everyday” you think to yourself. You may be right…..but not like this! Imagine exploring the depths of the Inland Bays watershed, making your way through the headwater streams. You find yourself crossing through the emerald beauty of the rich, maritime forest and across the vast salt marshes all without getting your shoes wet or eating up gas during the ride. With the Nature Center’s state of the art I-Wall and its interactive exhibits, it’s a piece of cake. If hands-on is more your style, then the handicap-accessible boardwalk trail is the ticket. You can channel your inner-John Cabot or Captain John Smith and take in the forest and marsh scenery complete with educational signage along the way. With 26 acres of conservation (not all of which can be traveled), including 3 acres of forested uplands, nine acres of freshwater wetlands and a whopping 14 acres of tidal wetlands, there is practically an entire hidden world full of beautiful things to see. The Bethany Beach Nature Center is located at 807 Garfield Parkway (Rt. 26) about a mile west of Route 1 on the right just past Grotto’s Pizza or you can find it here online for seasonal hours information and programs.

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James Farm Ecological Preserve & Green Building

If 26 acres doesn’t wet your whistle, step it up a notch and embrace 150 acres of the nationally recognized James Farm Ecological Preserve. ith 3 miles of marked hiking trails and picturesque views from the observation platforms, there is plenty to take in. Make your inner explorer proud and book a professionally guided eco-tour of the area with .

Consisting of seven distinctive habitats, you can walk the sandy beach trails; survey the bayberry-covered high marshes and the cord grass adorned low marshes. Take in the smell of the holly and red cedars and listen as the wind sings through the loblolly pines. Stroll through the thick shade from canopies of southern red oak and bask in the sunshine among the meadows that once served as farm fields.

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South Coastal Library

Perhaps you want to take your overall idea of adventure to a completely different and limitless arena. If so, then the library has you covered! More than just books or banks of computers, the library remains a place where people come together to explore, interact and imagine. Can’t decide whether you want to hit the library or stay on the beach? No worries! Log in online and get access to newspapers, journals, electronic books and a bevy of media available through the library’s catalog (You’ll need a Delaware issued library card). But don’t get lazy on me now – a visit to the library opens the doors to all sorts of programs.

From dancing and tax prep to playing with LEGO’s (the only true birthright of American youth in my opinion)! There’s literally something for everyone here so how could you possibly go wrong? Located in Bethany Beach, it’s an easy drive to Kent Avenue where a world of endless possibilities awaits.

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