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December 10th Marks 50 Years at Sea Colony

It has been a year of celebration, commemorating 50 years since the origination of Sea Colony. This tennis and beach community is a gathering place for individuals and families, both young and old, spanning across generations. Many look at Sea Colony as an escape from the busyness and stressors of life, to relax, renew, and absorb the therapeutic nature of the vast ocean. But how did we get here? Let’s take a step back in time.

Carl Freeman, a nationally recognized property developer, had a vision to create an ultimate vacation destination for visitors, homeowners and everyone in between who wanted a beach getaway. In the 1960’s, Freeman and business partner Charlie Camalier bought the large parcel of land on the Delaware coast now called Sea Colony East and West.

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In 1970, Sea Colony construction began. Sea Villas, single-family homes located north of the Sea Colony property we know today, were completed first in the early 1970’s, followed by the construction of Sea Colony East which was built going southward in 7 phases. The first towers built were Annapolis and Brandywine, followed by Chesapeake and Dover, Edgewater, Farragut, Georgetown, Harbour and lastly, Island. Freeman and partners moved west, constructing the West Tennis Community in the mid 1970’s.

But what is a vacation destination without amenities? In 1971, Tennis Pro Bobby Hush was hired - ahead of the first tennis bubble being built in 1973. This began the strong tennis heritage Sea Colony is known for today. In 1982, Tennis Pro Dave Kozlowski was hired with the official Sea Colony Tennis Center constructed a decade later in 1992. Other amenities like the Marketplace and Fitness Center followed, opening in the late 1990’s.

Fast-forward to today, Sea Colony consists of 2,200 condominiums, townhomes and private single-family homes, nestled between lush wooded areas and the breathtaking oceanfront. As we celebrate 50 Years at Sea Colony, we look back on the innovative and progressive ideas from Carl Freeman, and look forward to the next 50 Years of continuing the legacy and reputation Sea Colony has of being a premiere vacation destination and year-round residency for many that call Sea Colony home.


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