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The Weekly Five (8/8-8/15)

1. If a guest completed the waiver a few weeks ago, is it still valid or does it need to be submitted again?

If the guest is here on back-to-back weeks, only one waiver will need to be completed. However, if a guest visited before, went home, and is coming back, they will need to complete the waiver again.

2. Is there a place where owners can share maintenance contacts, etc.?

If you join our Facebook Group, we have a section called "Recommendations for Owners." There you'll find recommendations for painters, cleaning companies, electricians, and more! As of 8/20, there are 35 threads within the section, with new comments and threads added weekly.

3. Are kids allowed to use floats in the pools?

Yes, at the discretion of the lifeguard based on occupancy and safety.

4. What are the guidelines for bike riding on the west side? Should bikers stay on the path, or can they also use the road?

Bikers are permitted on the paths and the roadways. Bicycles, rollerblades and all other recreational means of transportation are not permitted on the Promenade, building walkways, tennis courts or in the parking garage areas of any high rise building (except to get to or from bike storage areas).

5. Do we need to wear masks on the beach?

Masks are not required on the beach, but they are required on the beach crossovers (beach access walkways) and the Promenade. While on the beach, we ask that families socially distance in the water and on the sand to keep everyone comfortable and safe. For more information about masks, please visit

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