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The Weekly Five (7/18-7/25)

1. Do the outdoor pools close after Labor Day? What is the official date?

As of now, we expect to have 2 outdoor pools open after Labor Day - The Aquatic Center (T4) on the west side, and Edgewater Outdoor pool (OP3) on the east side. Both indoor pools also will be available.

2. Is it possible to extend the hours of an outdoor pool so that it's open later in the evening? Maybe you could close the indoor pools early to do so? We love night swims!

We have extended the hours of The Aquatic Center pool (T4) as well as the Edgewater Outdoor pool (OP3) to accommodate these requests. T4 and OP3 are now open 10 am - 8 pm. As a result, the Freeman Fitness Indoor Pool and the Edgewater Indoor Pool will now close at 6 pm.

3. What is the latest that badges and parking passes can be picked up on a Saturday? And if we arrive after this time, what is the earliest on Sunday - and are we at risk without a parking pass for that night?

Our Beach Shoppe store hours are daily from 9am - 5pm. If you happen to arrive before or after our hours of operation, Security is open 24/7, and they will be able to create a parking permit for you to use until we open. Security is located directly across the street from the Marketplace (off of RT. 1) at the Edgewater House Lobby (on the left).

4. Are Sea Colony units that are listed on Craigslist reliable? How do I know if these rental listings are legitimate?

If you have concerns about the legitimacy of the posting, you may be interested in exploring more traditional options. All Sea Colony rentals are privately-owned and are available for rent directly from the owner or through any of a number of local agencies. ResortQuest offers the largest selection of Sea Colony rentals, but many people have also had success with other local realtors or postings on sites such as VRBO.

5. We've heard about the lifeguards in Rehoboth Beach testing positive for the Coronavirus in June. Have any Sea Colony staff or lifeguards tested positive for COVID-19 this summer?

We are happy to report that we have NOT had any COVID-19 cases among our team!

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