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The Weekly Five (6/27-7/4)

1. Are the Sea Colony beaches affected by the assorted beach closures in DE?

Our beach is currently open! Sea Colony follows state guidelines, so we suggest monitoring the Delaware COVID-19 website for Delaware state updates.

2. Are all of the pools still open?

10 of our 12 pools are currently open. There are capacity limits in place, so consult the pool schedules at: and check the online Sea Colony 2020 Play Book, found here.

3. Are the restaurants "on campus" still offering outdoor seating?

Restaurants at the Sea Colony Marketplace, as well as dining locations next to the east side high-rises, are offering indoor seating, outdoor seating, and takeout. Select locations also offer delivery.

4. What if any COVID-19 limitations should we foresee when booking our stay?

Specifically for Sea Colony, we are requiring facemasks to be worn on the Promenade, at the crossovers, in the Tennis Pavilion, within all enclosed amenities including the Sea Colony Beach Shoppe, Tennis Center Pro Shop, Freeman Fitness Center, all elevators (masks and one family group at a time) and other situations where it is not possible to maintain a minimum of 6' distance apart. (Cloth face coverings are not a substitute for washing hands, physical distancing while performing essential activities, and staying home, but they may be helpful when combined with these actions.)

There are capacity restrictions at all pools and Freeman Fitness Center weight room. More information about pool capacities can be found here. At the Freeman Fitness Center, owners and renters must schedule an appointment to work out at (day before) or by calling 302-539-4511 (day of).

At the Sea Colony Beach, beach umbrellas are required to be spaced 10 ft apart. Social distancing (6 ft+) with those outside of your family is also required.

5. Where can I sign the Sea Colony Waiver?

Click the image below to be taken to the waiver page on our website:

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