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Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away

In the fall, many resort communities begin to prepare for the long winter months when a lot of homes are vacant. For owners, part of the preparation should be:

  • Having a light or radio in your unit that goes on and off by a timer

  • Considering a home alarm with a motion detector

  • Ensuring your doors have a deadbolt

  • Ensuring your windows are locked

  • Installing a blocking device (such as a broomstick) for sliding glass doors

  • Placing alarm system decals in plain sight

  • Removing valuables or concealing them in owners’ closets

  • If possible, removing flat screen TVs from view or from the premises

Sea Colony’s Security staff will continue to patrol the community day and night. Later in the season, Delaware State Police will assist with randomly-scheduled community patrols. Owners and visitors can help protect the community by reporting anything that seems suspicious or out of the ordinary to the Security Department at 302-539-5599.

Also, Security & Safety Manager Don Bowers is available to meet with owners in their homes and offer suggestions to safeguard their homes. He can be reached at or by calling 302-541-8804.

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