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WiFi Now Available in Sea Colony

We are happy to announce Comcast completed the installation for free WiFi to Sea Colony owners, guests and renters throughout Sea Colony. In addition to WiFi in your unit, there is also WiFi at the beach, pools, Promenade, tennis and fitness centers. Also, as a Comcast user, you have access to WiFi hotspots in Sea Colony as well as all of the areas in the U.S. served by Comcast.

In the Sea Colony community, you will see different WiFi connections available:

  • Your in-unit WiFi – Requires the user to have the WiFi password, available only in your unit;

  • Community Xfinity – Can use your owner Xfinity account login, or a guest account (30 days), available at common areas (beach, pools, Promenade, tennis and fitness centers);

  • Xfinitywifi – Can use your owner Xfinity account login, or a one hour guest account, at WiFi hotspots throughout our community, as well as all the areas in the U.S. served by Comcast;

  • Xfinity – A more secure version of Xfinitywifi, only for owners with a Comcast Xfinity account, and where available.

To connect, please do the following:

Instructions for Owners

  • It is best to use your Xfinity user ID and password. If you have not set up an Xfinity user ID and password, you can go to to set up an account.

  • To connect your PC, the instructions can can be found at

  • For your mobile devices (smart phones and tablets), use the Xfinity Connect App on your device. The app can be found at

  • Once you connect using your Xfinity user ID and password on your PC or by using the Xfinity Connect App, automatically you will be connected throughout the common areas (beach, pools, Promenade, tennis and fitness centers) to Community Xfinity, or Xfinitywifi, whichever is available.

  • If you do not want to set up an account right now, please follow the instructions for Guests and Renters, below.

Instructions for Guests and Renters

While your guests or renters are in the unit: If you left instructions for connecting to your unit’s WiFi, then your guests or renters should follow those instructions.

If you have not left instructions in your unit, your guests or renters can do the following:

  • Turn on the main TV that has a voice remote;

  • Wait until you see a channel program;

  • Click the microphone button and say “What is my WiFi;”

  • On the screen will be displayed the WiFi name and WiFi password. If you are given an “Error” or “No WiFi found,” your guests or renters will need to contact you for the instructions.

While your guests or renters are at common areas (Beach, Pools, Promenade, Tennis and Fitness Centers):

  • On the device, search for a WiFi provider;

  • Select “Community Xfinity;”

  • If they do not have an Xfinity account at home, they will need to select On-Demand Pass;

  • Follow the instructions for connecting.

If you or your guests and/or renters have further questions, they can go to

If you have questions, please send them to

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