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Joint Transition Notice

Dear Homeowners,

Sea Colony is pleased to provide you with further specifics regarding the settlement between Sea Colony and Mediacom, and the now agreed transition plan to Comcast.


Mediacom will continue to provide service to each unit at Sea Colony through September 30, 2018. This service shall include an upgrade to Internet speeds recently announced by Mediacom, if requested by individual owners who need new equipment, and automatically if individual owners already have the appropriate equipment. Service Transition to Comcast will commence October 1st and be completed no later than November 30th.

Monthly Payment

Bulk services shall continue to be paid at the Mediacom rate through September 30th. For the transitional months of October and November, there will be a lowered flat monthly payment to Mediacom without regard to the number of units transitioned in those months. Sea Colony will pay Comcast a prorated portion of the Comcast bulk rate based on the number of units then-served by Comcast. In both cases, Resortquest will handle the payment mechanism for us as they do today. Owners currently with Mediacom optional services may continue to keep them and pay for them separately through November 30, 2018. If owners desire to switch their upgraded services to Comcast, they may do as soon as their units begin receiving the bulk services from Comcast, between October 1st and November 30th.

Transition notice

No later than August 1, 2018, Mediacom will issue a notice about the transition to Comcast to each owner that is purchasing any optional services not included in the Mediacom Bulk Service Agreement such as, but not limited to, additional boxes (e.g. DVR, DTA etc.), additional video programming (HBO etc.), phone services, security systems, and other telecommunication services from Mediacom. Separately, Sea Colony and Comcast will also be providing dates for each Sea Colony unit and building to be transitioned to Comcast, so that owners might sign up and switch their optional services to Comcast when their unit is transitioned. Mediacom will cancel its additional services and equipment contracts for owners as of the effective date of termination specified by you, or the date that your unit is transitioned to Comcast service, but in no event later than November 30th. If you don’t want your additional services cancelled prior to the cut-over to Comcast, then you don’t need to do anything, the Mediacom termination will be automatic. Mediacom optional services will terminate, regardless of whether the owner has acknowledged receipt of the transition notice from Mediacom or notified Mediacom of their intention to cancel the optional services. Mediacom shall stop any and all automated service billings to their former customers of optional services and equipment, effective the earlier of the owner requested termination date or September 30th, and credit, in accordance with Mediacom’s existing policies, owners for any charges for services billed in advance. The transition plan to Comcast will commence on October 1, 2018 regardless of whether an individual customer has acknowledged receipt of the Transition Notice or whether Mediacom has received a cancellation notice from an individual owner.

Transition Plan

Mediacom, Comcast and Sea Colony shall continue to work together in good faith to transition to the new service provider, Comcast, and take any additional actions necessary for the transition. Comcast will be transitioning in an appropriate manner, by nodes/buildings, that allows for a smooth transition of service and that is in the best interests of Sea Colony owners.

Other Transition specifics

Sea Colony will collect and return all Mediacom equipment that is in your unit. You don’t need to do anything other than make sure that all of your equipment is available in the unit for pickup on the transition date for your unit. Therefore, owners will not need to personally return equipment. Sea Colony shall bag, tag and enter into a spreadsheet, by unit number, all Mediacom in unit equipment, including customer premise equipment (e.g. modems, DVRs, DTAs, cable boxes) and passive electronics (e.g. remotes, clickers, etc.), regardless of whether its bulk or optional equipment, and Mediacom shall collect its equipment on no less frequently than a weekly basis at Sea Colony.

Ownership of System

Beginning October 1, 2018, any and all remaining distribution wires and other infrastructure equipment being used by Mediacom under the terms of the Mediacom Bulk Service Agreement shall belong to and shall be owned by Sea Colony, exclusive of owner premises equipment and passive electronics not yet returned to Mediacom.

Comcast Term

The Comcast agreement starts December 1, 2018 and is extended for a 7th year ending September 30th, 2025.

Sea Colony, Mediacom, and Comcast are all pleased to be able to reach agreement on a smooth transition of service. Continue to use 888-845-6245 for Mediacom service related issues. The Comcast service information will be posted at a later date. If you have questions regarding the transition, please send them to, or

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