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On-Loan Beach Mats Being Tested on Edgewater Crossover

Owners can take a stroll down to the beach at the Edgewater House crossover and test a new mat system. The Mobi-Mat is an eco-friendly mat that provides a non-slip surface designed to assist beachgoers with strollers, wheelchairs and carts. It is designed to make walking on the beach easier.

The mat was installed yesterday for demonstration and testing purposes and was provided by the manufacturer. It is a smaller version of the actual system. Originally designed for US Marine Corps vehicular landings, it is constructed of tear and salt water resistant material. Completely permeable and low maintenance, this rollout system is barefoot friendly and UV resistant.

The mats are on loan until December 1. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Your feedback is helpful. Send your comments and suggestions to

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