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Pets and Guest Badges: Updated Rules at Sea Colony

At the Board of Directors meeting held Saturday, October 14, two rules were updated:

Pets The Board of Directors approved a change to the time frames in which pets can be present on the Sea Colony beach which now matches the times enforced by Bethany Beach, DE. Going forward, pets are not allowed on the beach from May 15 through September 30. This allows leashed, registered pets of owners and picture-ID family members to be on Sea Colony’s private beach additional days during the off-season. Guest Badges Over the years, many owners expressed serious concerns that their investments were compromised when others purchased or rented homes near Sea Colony and also used Sea Colony amenities for free in-season or all year long, by way of owners providing their free guest badges to them. All of us pay for our wonderful amenities, have premium home values compared to outside the community, and command strong rental prices due to our amenities. If it is cheaper to live outside of Sea Colony and still use our amenities for free, it lowers our values. We certainly want true out-of-town guests to be with us and enjoy our amenities, yet we all must ensure our investments are protected. After debating several methods of correction, the Board agreed to a solution that is in keeping with the spirit of free owner guest badges so they can be used by the true occasional guest and not on a regular basis by those who are around the Sea Colony area. Non-Sea Colony people who are "local domiciled residents" (which means: - live year round or seasonally, or rent seasonally, or own a residence) in Sussex County, Worcester County or Wicomico County may not use a free owner-provided guest pass. Access by local non-Sea Colony residents (as defined above) to the amenities is subject to the rules for that specific Sea Colony amenity.

For fitness, non-Sea Colony residents (as defined above) will need to purchase a winter membership available from mid-September to May 31 to use the Freeman Fitness Center facilities. Owner-provided guest badges may not be utilized for a local non-Sea Colony owner (as defined above) at other times. See the Fitness/Activities page for more details.

For tennis, non-Sea Colony local residents (as defined above) will need to purchase winter and/or summer memberships, available year-round, to use the Sea Colony Tennis Center facilities. Owner-provided guest passes may not be used. However, locals may pay $15 to play up to 4 times before paying the membership fee. The fee can be credited to the membership fee, which is outlined in the Memberships section of the website. The public is encouraged to participate in any of our scheduled programs, including clinics, lessons, round robins as well as a variety of special events. Outdoor pickleball is included as part of the off-season membership, but also is available as a stand-along plan. For more information and the application, go to While our Management staff at the amenities is diligent to know and identify locals, part of the enforcement is up to all of us. We can help ensure Sea Colony retains the values we all expect while enjoying the benefits of guests when they come to visit.

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