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September schedule starts September 5, 2023

Pickleball Open Play

Rotational social play. Come alone, or bring a group and enjoy playing pickleball with friends, old and new.

All open plays are limited to a certain number of people and designated by level. Pre-registration is required.

**Self-run and Unmonitored**

Beginner Open Play - A basic understanding of the rules and court positioning should be in place.

Open Play is available to Sea Colony Homeowners, Renters and Racquet Sports Members.

Daily 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM - Intermediate

Daily 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Advanced

Daily 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM - All Levels

Wednesdays 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Mixed Doubles Open Play

*No Open Play during the Classic - September 22-24.

FREE SC Homeowners & Renters/$10 Members

Pickleball Clinics

Wednesday & Saturday

Pickleball 101 | 9 AM

In this class, you will be introduced to the skills required to grow your emerging pickleball game. That foundation includes grips, contact point, footwork, swing basics, and serving.

Intermediate Clinic (3.0+) | 10 AM

This class will go over spins, court strategy, drills and games to help get you to the next level.

Advanced Clinic (3.5+) | 11 AM

This class is meant for the player looking to improve game play and strategy by learning spins, tactics, aggressive shots as well as defensive shots. Tons of games and fun to simulate different styles of play.

Clinic Pricing: $25 for SC Homeowners/$30 for General Public

Contact Krista Wisseman at the Pro Shop to reserve your spot!

New policy for booking clinics/lessons starting July 1, 2023: 

Homeowners may book lessons and clinics 3 weeks out, and Members, Renters, and General Public may book 2 weeks out. This is effective for lessons/clinics starting on July 1, where Homeowners may begin registering on June 10, and Members, Renters, and General Public may start registering on June 17.

Pickleball Camps


Come enjoy a fun filled weekend of pickleball instruction that offers 8 hours of court time for all levels/groups. This adult pickleball camp is designed to address your specific needs, increase your knowledge of the game and help you improve in a fun and friendly environment.


8 Hours of Pickleball
Happy Hour Included
Camp Souvenir Giveaway



4 Hours of Pickleball and 4 Hours of Tennis Instruction 
Happy Hour Included
Camp Souvenir Giveaway


Early sessions: Fridays & Saturdays 1pm - 4pm, and Sundays 8am - 10am

Late sessions: Fridays & Saturdays 4pm - 7pm, and Sundays 12pm - 2pm

Weekday and alternative times are available upon request. Typical camp size is 12. If your group is less than 12, we may fill it with other players.


To register: Contact Krista Wisseman at the Pro Shop at 302-539-4488

or email

If you are joining us for a clinic, camp and/or private lesson and you have not already done so, please complete the Sea Colony Waiver prior to arrival.

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