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Group Fitness Classes & Info

NEW! Group Fitness Memberships

Group Fitness Memberships are now available for Non-Sea Colony guests and daily users. New pricing begins September 1st!

For $25 (per quarter) you will be able to access group fitness classes for a premiere price saving you money throughout the year!

Facility Rules- Must be reviewed before purchasing your membership. Click here

Price per class (for Non-Sea Colony guests and daily users):

  • Without a group fitness membership - $20

  • With a group fitness membership - $10

**Fitness members - the group fitness membership is included in the fitness membership price.


Memberships may be purchased in person at the Freeman Fitness Center during business hours.


  • Classes are available to Sea Colony Owners, Renters, and Local Residents on the West Side.

  • Patrons will not be permitted to attend class 5 minute after start time. 

  • Non-Sea Colony people who are “local domiciled residents” (which means: live year round or seasonally, or rent seasonally, or own a residence) in Sussex County, Worcester County or Wicomico County may not use a free owner-provided guest pass.

For class announcements and updates, visit the Official Sea Colony Community Group, download the Sea Colony mobile app, or check this page (

September Class Schedule

Begins Tuesday, September 5

Class Descriptions

Aqua Zumba

Blends Zumba movements with water resistance for less impact on your joints. Don't miss this pool party!

Barre Toning


Strengthen your core and muscles with small movements repeated multiple times for muscle group fatigue. All exercises can be modified for fitness level. 

Gentle Yoga


Fitness through stretching, balance and core postures.

Master Swim


Increase your endurance, strength, and fine-tune your strokes during these 1 hour workouts geared towards adults who are novice, advanced swimmers and triathletes.

Water Aerobics


Low impact, shallow and deep water resistance training that's easy on joints and muscles for a total body workout.

Yoga For All


Learn the basics of yoga through low intensity poses, breathing exercises and core work. A great workout for everyone!



Latin dance music and steps, combined with aerobic and fitness interval training, creates a workout that feels like a dance party!


Stretching on Yoga Mat

Restorative form of yoga & pilates that cultivates longevity and alignment to eliminate back/body pain.

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