Proof of Insurance Process for Owners

What to Do When Your Mortgage Lender Requests Evidence of Insurance on Your Sea Colony Property

Approximately 70% of Sea Colony owners carry a mortgage on their condo, and our insurance broker, Alliant, automatically sends evidence of insurance to mortgagees annually upon the renewal of our property and flood insurance policies, as applicable. Regardless, some Sea Colony homeowners may receive an “evidence of insurance” request letter from their lender, if, for example the mortgage company service address has changed, or the mortgage is “sold” to a different lender, or if a homeowner is refinancing an existing mortgage, etc.

For immediate assistance in having evidence of your condo building and/or flood insurance provided when requested by your mortgagee, forward the request letter / info via email to: Please also send a copy of the request to:

Please AVOID sending the request letter to your Sea Colony property manager, if possible, as that adds an extra step to and a possible delay in the processing of your request.

The customer service team from Alliant will handle your request promptly, and the Sea Colony Insurance Committee will be able to track the progress of the fulfillment of the request. Should you have any issues, please send a note to