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Sea Colony Lifeguards Hold On to No.1 Ranking During the Annual Lifeguard Challenge

Despite being up against some stiff competition, our Sea Colony lifeguards defended their First Place ranking yesterday during the annual Sea Colony Lifeguard Challenge. Dominating 4 of the 6 events, our guards garnered 62 points, a 21-point lead over second placed Middlesex Beach.

FINAL SCORING 1ST Place: Sea Colony (62 pts) 2nd Place: Middlesex (41 pts) 3rd Place: Ocean City (39 pts)

4th Place: Rehoboth (29 pts)

5th Place: N. Bethany (27 pts)

6th Place: Dewey (21 pts)

7th Place: Bethany (17 pts)

8th Place: S. Bethany (13 pts) 9th Place: State Parks & Fenwick (Tied 12 pts)

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