Beach Patrol is on fire!

July 21, 2018

It has long been said that Sea Colony has some of the best lifeguards in the area. If there was ever any doubt, their results during this year's regional Lifeguard competitions are the proof. The SCBP has competed in 5 area competitions, the latest of which, included a 2-Day Mid-Atlantic Regional competition. At the end of each competition, our guards have walked away with First Place wins. 


 "Our guards are doing a great job working together as a team keeping our patrons safe here on our beach and putting together a tough team when they travel to compete at other beaches." said long time Beach Patrol Captain, Dave Griffith



Results from Mid-Atlantic Regionals (2 day competition)

Overall Combined Results- Sea Colony 1st place


Day 1-

Non-Craft portion of the event held on 7/11 in Rehoboth Beach, DE


Paddle Rescue

SC men (Remaniak/Noel) 2nd

SC women (H Venables/Hansen) 1st


Beach Flags

Dustin Venables 1st

Megan Perdue 6th

Hannah Venables 10th



Aidan Hopkins 13th

Josh Remaniak 16th

Grace Hansen 4th


2K Distance Run

Bailey Noel 3rd

Ben Little 6th

Megan Perdue 8th

Amy Venables 13th


400m surf swim

Josh Remaniak 9th

Grace Hansen 5th


Surf Rescue

SC men 3rd

SC women 6th


4x90m Soft Sand Sprint

SC men 3rd

SC women 3rd


Day 2-

Crafts portion of the event held on 7/18 in Wildwood, NJ


SC men (Griffith/Hanus) 6th

SC women (Fajardo/H Venables) 3rd


Surf Ski

Dave Griffith 1st

Sebastian Urbanec 2nd

Bailey Noel 4th

Aidan Hopkins 7th


Cindy Fajardo 2nd


Board Race

Bailey Noel 2nd

Aidan Hopkins 4th

Sebastian Urbanec 8th

Filip Hanus 15th


Hannah Venables 3rd

Cindy Fajardo 8th


American Ironman/Ironwoman (Run, swim, paddle, row)

Dave Griffith 4th

Cindy Fajardo 2nd


International Ironman (Run, swim, paddle, ski)

Bailey Noel 1st

Aidan Hopkins 2nd

Sebastian Urbanec 3rd

Dave Griffith 1st (in age group category)


Ironguard (Run, swim, paddle)

Aidan Hopkins 2nd

Bailey Noel 3rd

Sebastian Urbanec 13th

Filip Hanus 16th


Hannah Venables 1st


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