Letter from the Board of Directors

Dear Homeowner

Welcome to Sea Colony - a unique community that has provided family fun and delight for owners, guests and visitors since it first opened in 1972.  You can be proud of the wonderful facilities -- the private beach, tennis courts, pools and fitness centers, the parks and playgrounds.  Our staff works hard to maintain them as the finest resort and tennis community in the Mid-Atlantic region. 


All community information can be found here on the website so it’s important to visit and register on the Owners section.  You’ll have access to exclusive owner-only information and receive current news and information about your community.  Your owner information is used only for Sea Colony business and is not provided to any entity without your permission. 


Your volunteer Board of Directors is focused on your family’s enjoyment of the community and is committed to enhancing your Sea Colony quality of life through solid property values and strong rental demand while being fiscally responsible.  


Congratulations and welcome to the community.  We hope you’ll find this handbook a good source of Sea Colony information.  
 If there’s anything we can do for you, send an email to Helpme@SeaColony.com.

Governance at Sea Colony

Condominium Associations

There are 30 condominium associations in Sea Colony, called Phases. Each condominium association has an elected Council of homeowners who employs a Managing Agent. ResortQuest Property Management manages all Phases except Edgewater House, which is managed by Legum and Norman. More information on your specific condo can be found in the governing documents you received at settlement and from your Phase Council and Property Manager.


Sea Colony Recreational Association 
Additionally, all homeowners are members of the Sea Colony Recreational Association, Inc., (SCRA), which has an elected volunteer Board of Directors, composed of homeowners, and is organized to maintain, operate and administer Sea Colony’s common areas, all amenities, Safety and Security and other community facilities.  The SCRA Board employs ResortQuest as its managing agent.
  Every homeowner is a member of SCRA, which is responsible for all of the community amenities such as the Promenade, the beach, tennis center and courts, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness centers, community meeting rooms, playgrounds, parks,  transportation system, Westway Drive, year-round safety and security and all related equipment and systems. Sea Colony’s website, www.SeaColony.com has nearly everything you may want to know about the community, schedules, activities and meetings.  Owners need to create a sign-in and password to view community documents and other owner-exclusive information. The Board of Directors conducts open meetings and owners are invited to attend.  
   Click here for schedules and committee meeting minutes.   


Councils & Recreational Board 
Your condominium association and the SCRA are each overseen by a council consisting of volunteer owners elected by owners.  Your council members include at a minimum, a president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. The total number of council members varies by Phase and might include advisors and associate members.   There are 7 SCRA directors.  The Council and SCRA get its authority from the governing documents and has all the powers and duties necessary for the administration of the condominium and Sea Colony common amenities.


Financial Information

As a Sea Colony homeowner, you will receive separate quarterly bills from SCRA and your individual Phase.  Your quarterly fees each consist of two parts – the Operating fund and the Long Term Reserve.  Payments are due April 1, July 1, October 1, and January 1.  Owner accounts for both SCRA and individual Sea Colony condo associations (called Phases) must be current to take advantage of the programs, facilities and amenities. 

Direct Debit Option Available
A direct debit option is available and allows you to pay your association fees on a quarterly basis.  All Phases managed by ResortQuest also can use direct debit for your quarterly condominium fees.  There is no cost to owners to sign up for the direct debit option.  To take advantage of this service, please go to the Owners  scroll to the Direct Debit Option information and click on the link to complete the authorization form.

You may also call Accounts Receivable at 1-800-732-2656, ext. 8887, and a form can be faxed or mailed to you.  Once completed, please return the form to:

ResortQuest, c/o Accounts Receivable

PO Box 480, Bethany Beach, DE 19930.    

Where to Send Checks for Quarterly Statements 
Please be sure to mail your checks for SCRA statements to:
Sea Colony Recreation, PO Box 8019, Philadelphia, PA   19101 and your Phase statements to: Sea Colony Phase Dues, 
PO Box 8539, Philadelphia, PA  19101

Costs Covered by Condo Fees

  • Property management services and administration

  • Building maintenance of common areas including  

  • staffing, supplies and materials

  • Water

  • LTR building improvements

  • Trash removal

  • Insurance for the common elements

  • Flood insurance

  • Cable TV/Internet

  • Electric for common areas

  • Landscaping

  • Exterminating 

Costs Covered by SCRA Fees

  • Maintainenance, operation and administration of the common areas and community facilities in Sea Colony including the beach, pools, recreation, retail, tennis courts,  landscaping, housekeeping, transportation, security and safety;

  • Employment of managers, staff, agents and independent contractors in support of the amenities and community facilities.

Additional Expenses
As a Sea Colony owner, expenses billed by third parties 
you can expect are:

  • Sewer bill (quarterly)

  • Electric bill - Delmarva Power (monthly)

  • Propane, if applicable - Suburban Propane (monthly)

  • Telephone, if applicable (monthly)

  • Ground rent, if applicable (annual)
              East Phases 1 - 2 and West Phases 12 - 23 receive  
              statements from Carl M. Freeman Co. (240-453-3010)
              East Phases 3 - 7 and West Phases 1 - 11 receive
              statements from Freeman Foundation (302-436-6241)


Beach Community
East 1 – Annapolis & Brandywine Houses – 208 units
East 2 – Chesapeake & Dover Houses – 176 units
East 3 – Edgewater House – 177 units
East 4 – Farragut House – 108 units
East 5 – Georgetowne House – 108 units
East 6 – Harbour House – 108 units
East 7 – Island House – 108 units

Tennis Community
West 1 & 2 – 26/32 units
West 3 – 24 units
West 4 – 24 units
West 5 – 18 units
West 6 – 79 units
West 7 – 32 units
West 8 – 100 units
West 9 – 16 units
West 10 – 46 units
West 11 – 44 units
West 12 – 48 units

Phase/HOA Responsibilities
All common elements as defined by the Declaration and include the following.  For a more comprehensive list, consult your governing documents:

  • Elevators (East side)

  • Exterior walls

  • Roof

  • Structural components

  • Sanitary and storm sewer systems and appurtenances

  • Plumbing facilities deemed common elements (not located 

  • within a unit)

  • Ducts, conduits, plumbing and wiring that are located outside the unit that serve more than one unit

  • Catch basins, roof drainage pipes, gutters and leaders

  • Landscaping maintenance

  • Exterminating

  • Common stairways leading to units



1. Sea Colony has secured a single “master” insurance policy (MIP) which covers all Condominium Association (“Phase”) buildings and the Sea Colony Recreational Association, Inc. (SCRA) buildings and amenities (pools, Promenade, playgrounds, fitness and tennis centers, etc.).Flood coverage for buildings is also provided under the MIP unless your building is in a special hazard flood zone, in which case a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy has been purchased.  The premium cost of the MIP is shared among all of the insured entities (the 30 Phases and SCRA). Currently, the property deductible is $50,000 per occurrence for all covered losses except “Named Storms” (hurricanes), for which the deductible is $1 million. Since absorbing a large deductible within a single Phase could be difficult, SCRA has established a deductible fund, the escrowed funds for which are derived from the owners of Sea Colony’s 2202 condominium units paid by the Phases along with their allocated insurance premium, which is, therefore, included in your assessments.  This plan effectively limits the deductible exposure for any single Sea Colony unit owner in the event of a large property claim.  Sea Colony also purchases various other policies (Crime, Directors and Officers liability) which also are paid for proportionally by the Phases or SCRA, and are, therefore, also included in your assessment.  
     If you have questions, consult your governing documents and Phase insurance agreements, contact your Property Manager or send an email to Insurance@SeaColony.com.

2. Flood Insurance
As previously noted, flood insurance policies are purchased on all Sea Colony buildings, as required, and the cost thereof is included in the condo fees paid by the owners of condos in the affected building(s).  Please note these policies cover only the building, not the contents of individual condos, coverage for which can be purchased by owners as needed or desired.  Owners may receive requests from their mortgage holders to provide proof of flood insurance for their building.  Email all such requests to Sea Colony’s insurance broker, Alliant Insurance Services, at SeaColony@Alliant.com.

Alliant’s customer service team will then send proof of flood insurance to the lender, and if requested, to the owner, too.

3.  ALL Sea Colony unit owners are required by their Phase Code of Regulations to purchase an individual property and liability policy (which usually comes in the form of an HO-6 Condominium policy), the minimum limits of which may vary depending upon your Phase.  In most cases, owners are responsible for everything “inside the box” of the walls of their condo (from the inside surface of the drywall) - paint, wallpaper, appliances, mechanicals, doors, floor coverings, kitchen cabinets (Except West Phase XIX), wall tile, plumbing fixtures, furniture, personal property, etc. Your individual Phase Code of Regulations documents (Amendment Change - Article VI, Sections 2 and 3) defines what is covered and by whom, important information to provide to your insurance agent in placing the correct amount of coverage.  

What To Do If Your Condo Sustains Damage  
Please notify your property manager of any claim being made.
Exterior damage - contact your Property Manager, who will then initiate the process of filing a claim on Sea Colony’s MIP.
Interior damage - contact your insurance agent/carrier and file a claim, regardless of the presumed source of the damage or where you think liability should be assigned.   Your insurance company can then make a formal determination on the validity of the claim and the extent of damages, and coordinate with other insurance carriers, if appropriate to do so. 

Minimum Required Property Coverage - $50,000 per unit in all Phases EXCEPT East Phase V ($100,000).

Minimum Required Liability Coverage - $100,000 per unit in all Phases EXCEPT East Phase V ($300,000).
These limits are minimums; you can purchase higher limits at your discretion. If you rent your unit, you may be requuired to carry higher limits.

Loss Assessment Coverage - Most standard HO-6 policies include $1,000 for Loss Assessment.  Higher limits are available at what is usually a minimal cost.  Should you ever be assessed after a loss, this is the coverage that would help pay for that expense.  Coverage is recommended but not required. 

Loss of Use Coverage
Coverage for Loss of Use is recommended but not required for owners who rent their unit.  Your insurance agent should be able to explain and secure these coverages for you.

Loss of Income Coverage
Coverage for Loss of Income is recommended but not required for owners who rent their unit.  Your insurance agent should be able to explain and secure these coverages for you. 


Safety & Security Information



Here are helpful tips to ensure you have a great time at  Sea Colony...
Please wear your Sea Colony Rec. badge at all times. It gains you access to the property as well as the use of all of our 
    amenities (beach, pools, tennis courts, trams, etc.). 
Be sure your parking permit is properly displayed.  With the increase in guests during the summer season, our parking spaces can become limited, so be sure your vehicle is parked in its corresponding reserved space (if applicable). If you are an East Side resident, there are maps in building lobbies to direct you to your reserved space.
• Please obey the community parking laws, especially around fire 
    lanes and hydrants. 
• Have bicycles?  Be sure to wear helmets and lock up when your 
    bikes aren’t in use.  Also, use the bike racks available in the 
• Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) provide electrical therapy   
    for irregular heart issues.  Trained staff can assist.  Locations:
       Edgewater Lobby         Beach Shoppe
       Edgewater Indoor Pool        Tennis Center 
       Freeman Fitness Center        Maintenance truck
       Security vehicles        Beach Patrol vehicle
       Maintenance Shop
• All members of the Security Team are here to assist you in any way 
    we can within the context of the Association guidelines, which 
    were created and endorsed by owners.  Our goal is for everyone 
    to enjoy a pleasant, safe and secure season.